RMG Solenoid Gas Valve 01-EVA 25 NH-4 (DN65 PN16)

RMG Solenoid Gas Valve 01-EVA 25 NH-4 (DN65 PN16)

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Available in stock 2 x Used RMG Solenoid Gas Valves DN65 PN16, model 01-EVA 25 NH-4. We also have other elements of the gas train available, namely: 1 x Ball Valve DN65 PN16 with pressure switch - https://www.atlasseis-resale.com/listings/227607-bohmer-kugelhahne-gas-ball-valve-fsk-v-016-065-dn65-pn16-with-filter-and-dungs-differential-pressure-switch-gw50-a4; 1 x Gas Filter DN65 PN16 - https://www.atlasseis-resale.com/listings/227603-madas-gas-filter-dn100-pn16; 1 x Gas Pressure Regulator DN65 PN16 - https://www.atlasseis-resale.com/listings/227602-bryan-donkin-rmg-gas-pressure-regulator-rmg-bd226-dn65-pn16; The equipment is used but in good working conditions.


ManufacturerBryan Donkin RMG
Model01-EVA 25 NH-4
Power70 W
Maximum Inlet Pressure0.1 bar
Environment Temperature-20ºC to +60ºC